Sunday, 11 January 2015

Playtime with Fabrics.

Welcome to all my new followers, hope you enjoy the journey.

Hi friends, hope then new year is good for you so far.

Those who know me will be aware that my background is in Textiles and although I love working with other materials I cannot help going back to the fabrics, however this does not necessarily mean just sewing as there are many things that you can do with them and I hope to show you a few of the techniques I like to do.
To start this, I have been using my heat gun.

I've been having fun playing with a variety of Synthetic materials and thought you might like to see what I've done so far.
Synthetic fabrics are amazing stuff to play with and you never know exactly how they will behave but you must be careful not to heat them too much or you can end up with nothing left Lol!
These materials shrivel lovely (Shrivel is a technical term obviously Lol!).

So here is a sample I've made and the materials I've used.
I like to use a cotton backing as this stabilises the fabric and then layer up other fabrics to add different texture and colours.
These fabrics are machined together in any stitch but I used straight stitch for this piece and I layered together Nylon net and Polyester Organza.

This is what the fabrics looked like when complete and ready for heating.

 And here is what happens when you heat it with the Heat Gun.
If you were here on Wednesday you will remember the small sample on the right and the large one on the left, I have been playing with here.
The tub at the back contains some pieces of Tyvek but that's for another day.
I hope you enjoyed that and I look forward to showing you what else I have been doing, who knows, I might even make something with the samples.
If you have the time, please let me know what you think about the techniques, I would love to hear from you.
That's it for now.
Happy crafting,
Angela x


Sue said...

Hello Angela,.
Well anything to do with fabric and I am all in 100%!
I too have a Bg in fabric so I know where you are coming from. I have melted and burnt many a piece using this said method that you have explained, so I will be very interested to see what you are going to make with it. And as you know I work with Tyvek and love the stuff.

JackieP Neal said...

You have some cool stuff going on here-love the scruchiness of that one piece! Looking forward to more!

Shoshi said...

Angela, this continues to be very exciting! Like you, I am moving more into textiles this year, but will still be doing my paper art and mixed media work. Have you come across Kim Thittichai? She does amazing things with bondaweb and a soldering iron, amongst other things! This year I am looking forward to experimenting with more melting, and using Tyvek, and mixing all this with acrylics... So much fun to play with!


Ruth said...

Fabulous results Angela, wonderful idea...I will be watching your posts about textiles avidly....I am just a newbie dabbling with Tyvek and lutradur but this is very inspiring Ruth x

Carole Z said...

Looks fab Angela, will be keeping an eye on what you do with the textiles, hugs Carole Z X

Redanne said...

The result is fabulous Angela! I have been playing with fabric and my sewing machine today but my results are not quite so stunning as yours!! Hugs, Anne xx

pam said...

Looks Fab Angela, will call back to see what you create with your fabric...

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