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I have started this page to help me but if you find it useful that's good too.
Happy crafting, Angela x
  • Triple Point Card or Crossover Point Card.

Information for making here.

and here.

  • Pinwheel Tower card.

Only a rough template as I made this myself but it works.
Click on it to get a clearer view.

It is done on an A4 sheet of card.
When you cut the sections you will have three separate panels and one attached to the tower section. 
Score the four lines for the tower, fold and glue the first section to the panel to make the box shape then add the other panels as explained here.
  • Bendy Cards.
Lets get going.
This is the card I made and you can clearly see where it gets it's name Bendy as the front pieces bend as they fit together.

There are a number of ways to achieve this but I feel that the simplest and quickest method is to use a square card, you can do this with any size but I have used 7"x7" for this example.

  •  Open the card and cut down the centre about half way and then horizontally to remove this top section of card. This piece will be attached to the other side.   

  • I have cut a curve along mine as I am using a sea theme but when you get used to making these you will see how you can alter this stage to suit what you are making.
  • Next fold one side of the piece you have cut away to create the section which will be used to attach it to the main card as shown below.

  • Both pieces will then need to have a tab made which will be inserted to create the bend as shown below. You don't need to worry too much about the size of this as long as you make sure the slits fit. The one I made is about 1" wide and 1/2" deep.
  • Now we need to make the slits - one in the main card and one in the left front piece.

  • I did mine at  1" from the fold on the inside and 2" from the fold on the outside flap as shown below.
And this is what it should look like with the tabs inserted:

The length of these front pieces and the position of the slits can be altered depending how much you want the front to stand out.

  • At this stage it is time to decorate the card and you will realise as you do this that you need to score the slits again because you will be covering them with any paper you stick on.
Have fun and happy crafting,
Angela x

More Bendy cards.


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