Friday, 26 July 2013

Utee and Gilding Wax Card.

Hi Blogsters, I have been having a play with some Utee and Ranger stamps.


First, stamp using Perfect Medium and emboss with gold powder.
Next heat the Utee and pour onto a heat resistant mat. 
Apply Perfect Medium to the stamp (helps release the stamp) and push into the Utee.
Allow this to cool and then remove the stamp.

I actually used the whole of the stamp and then broke the Utee in half which gave enough stamped Utee for two cards.
I then rubbed over the Utee with Gilding Wax.

I love this technique and don't use it as often as I would like to simply because it means switching the melt pot on.
What a pathetic excuse lol!

Hope you like it.

Angela x


  1. Oh Angela, what a stunning technique!! I love it. I just got a new melt pot and am definitely going to try this out, thank you so much for the inspiration...... Hugs, Anne x

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