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WOYWW 323 # What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday

Welcome to all my new followers, hope you enjoy the journey.

Hi Workdesk friends.
Here we are for another Wednesday at the Workdesk.
I am here again to show you:

"What's on my Workdesk this Wednesday".

If you don't know what this is all about then please visit the

Stamping Ground, our host Julia will explain.

And this is what's on my desk today...

Don't you just love these funny little birds!
The wooden blocks are hand carved, this is the leaflet that came with them. These are new wooden printing blocks but I also have a collection of old blocks too, maybe I could show them to you sometime.
 The Birthday Card, very CAS, unusual for me but quite like it.
I made the balloons from this paper which I saved from the bin at a workshop I was at.
There are lots more yet.
Waste not, Want not!
Nice stamp on the envelope from Bridget.
Love the ATC Bridget, thank you.
I have a massive collection of stamps and must do something with them!
I do seem to have been busy this week making cards.
There are several Anniversaries and birthdays so have put a few other things on one side for the moment but can't show you them yet anyway.
Well that's it for today and I am off now to see what everyone else has been up to.
Bye for now and happy WOYWW,
Angela x


  1. Your cas bd card looks great and that stamp from Bridget is really pretty think it's the purple in it hugs Nikki??!?

  2. That's got to be recycling at it's very best when you even get your stock out of the bin :-) Love it.
    Annie x # 23

  3. lovely busy desk :) those wood blocks are gorgeous!
    happy woyww
    Charlie #8
    or find me here

  4. Fab blocks- I have one ( i think it was used for fabic printing ) but you have reminded me and I may well use it this week instead of it being an ornament!! Have a great week. Soojay 22

  5. Hi Angela, your desk looks so busy and inviting - love the hand carved stamps, I have a couple of them too, they're beautiful :o) Annie C #34

  6. Hi Angela, yes I'm a Bird Crazy fan too- aren't they just great? I'd also have saved that paper, you could never actually make paper that looked like that, could you? It has to be 'accidental' paper. I'm another stamp saver- I've got a huge tub of the, like you I keep thinking I must do something with them. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #14 xxx

  7. Other than the Tim Holtz wood letter blocks that I have, I hadn't seen any others in the market. I love that new set you bought. I used to make signs with letter blocks when I was working for the advertising department in a retail store back in my undergraduate college days. I really like the monochromatic card you made. Blessings and happy WOYWW, my friend!

  8. These wooden stamps are so beautiful! I have a bunch of old ones and you just gave me an idea how to use them. I keep all papers covered with paint and use them for collages, must nicer than paper you can buy.
    Thank you for your earlier visit!
    Gabriele 6

  9. Oh, I've got a real thing for printers blocks too....old or new. If be really interested to see your collection...they're so fascinating. I hadn't realised that you could get new ones too...that's a road I can't go down. Got too much to do already!!
    Hugs, LLJ 4 xxx

  10. A super tidy desk Angela compared to mine lol. Love how you designed your CAS card from paper which would normally head to the bin, it's lovely.
    Julie x

  11. Hi Angela, not seen these blocks before,
    I spied your Tim Holtz goodies, got mine and no time to play yet..
    hugs pam

  12. Love those wooden may be accused of enabling at this rate!

  13. I love those crazy birds, they always make me smile. Your CAS card is really beautiful especially considering you rescued the card.

    I have a set of those blocks too, three ducks which are so beautiful I have them out as ornaments rather than use them as stamps..... I know, there is no hope for me! Hugs, Anne xx

  14. Seems to be a flock of those birds this week. Yours is third blog I've seen evidence of them. Lots of lovely interesting stuff going on. Anne x #32

  15. Oh heck! Block envy - what a fabulous big block that is - great for display as well as using.
    Hugs, Neet 19 xx

  16. What a fun desk you have this week! Love those crazy birds, and those blocks really look interesting! How fun! Thanks for stopping by earlier. Really appreciate your comments, too. #30

  17. I am so totally guilty of that. ( saving postage stamps) (sometimes I even work them into collages but, most the time I just play with them then use a stamped image lol) the art work on them is just so cool. thanks for the earlier visit, ~Stacy #49

  18. Angela, Those birds are so cute. The blocks are just beautiful. You have many lovely projects.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #15

  19. I LOVE your blocks! I have an old wallpaper printing block that is for display but I've never printed with it - perhaps I should. The little birdies are very cute and I love the balloon card - very stylish in it's simplicity.
    Thanks so much for stopping by earlier, I hope you have a great week, and I'm off to google printing blocks!!
    Diana #17

  20. I love wood blocks - I am hopeless at using them but just love the feel and look of them. x jo

  21. I LOVE those wooden blocks.. I have a few but they don't work well on paper. I think mine were made for putting designs on fabric. I may try that soon because I saw that my sheets are getting real thin when I made the bed today... and us crafters never throw anything away don't we! Happy woyww and a warm hug (high temperatures right now overhere) from Holland, Marit #36

  22. Fabulous wooden blocks. I have one from India which was used for fabric printing. I have it on display but have never used it?? Look forward to seeing what you are going to do.
    sandra de @41

  23. Hi, Angela, those blocks are really cool and nice coloring on your Crazy Birds. All the cool kids have those stamps and I'm going to have to break down and get them now that there are accessory stamps -- I'm only human, Tim, I can't hold out anymore! lol Thanks for your visit and happy WOYWW! ~ Laura #48

  24. Oooh lovely stuff on your desk this week, Angela. Love the wood blocks. And how could anybody throw away such fabby papers? Not surprised you had a rummage in the rubbish and rescued them! As you know I'm a great recycler and hate to throw anything away that could be used!

    Now you're being a tease about secret projects too! I look forward to your Big Reveal too! Thanks for your visit and a nice comment.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #37

  25. I love those wooden blocks! I hope you show us soon what you have made with those.
    Yes, the crazy birdies are great!
    Thanks for visiting me earlier this week. Yes, I learnt soon after posting that they were goats and not sheep! Well, I am a city girl at heart and never too old to learn. And of course I'd never heard of 'wattles'. So thank you for that.
    Sorry I'm so late in commenting, but we have been away for a few days.
    Have a good week,

  26. Love those crazy birds and what gorgeous wood stamps, I'd love to see your collection Angela! Gorgeous birthday card and lovely and papers you rescued, why would they have thrown them out, they are so pretty!

  27. Love your desk and everything you always have going on, but I especially love the idea of your new Friday segment. The glue in the bottom of the plastic tray looks interesting and I look forward to seeing your experiments.

    Thanks for visiting my desk already
    Kyla #9

  28. Very lovely and crafty space : D. You have been busy! Loving those Bird Crazy stamps #51


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