Friday, 3 December 2021

Friday Fun Day with Smiles.

  Welcome to all my new followers, hope you enjoy the journey.

Angela here again to show you what I've been up to this week.

I had to go into town this week for an appointment with the optician and they had set this up right in the middle of town.
It's a pop up bar and I imagine it gets rather busy at night.

We had quite a bit of wind this week and the fencing fell over in the park but it's all joined together so I imagine when one piece moved they all did too.

This view would have looked directly at the house which was demolished in the 60s.

I've been busy helping my friends to make Christmas cards too. They certainly look busy here and were reasonably well behaved pupils!

Then I went to the Craft Club which was lovely. 
It was my class this week and I set the ladies off making decorative bags mostly for Christmas, as you might expect.
As you can see we are well spread out and wear masks when moving around.

Later in the week it started to get quite cold.
We did have some snow but it didn't last long, pretty though.

This is the view from the fence.

I'm pleased to report that they have moved some of this mess away now.

The concrete slabs are a flood barrier which is interesting as they originally said that the Flood Risk is only level 1. 
Maybe someone's not being honest here.

Anyway I think it's time for me to leave you with a few smiles.

Have a great weekend everyone and
 thanks for stopping by.

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Angela x


Julia Dunnit said...

I’m late for Wednesday so have had a double read, lovely! Very glad they’ve started to clear all those tree roots and such, you don’t want to look over those for too long. I can imagine the fencing keeling over like dominoes, it will take a few people to get it all upright again, unless one person has to unjoin them all first, and then re-join. Ugh. I love the card with postage stamp on it, but can you tell me what it says vertically next to the Season’s Greetings? is it just letters or am I word blind? It’s been bugging me since I saw the card on Facebook…no idea why. Love the idea of using your postage stamps like that.lovely to have some friends in for a session, I must say they look ‘reasonably’ well behaved. Made me laugh!!

mamapez5 said...

That flattened fence made me think of a domino rally. maybe they will fix it more strongly next time.
I guess it is a good thing the flood barrier is there evenif it does pose more questions than it answers.
The craft groups look fun. I used to enjoy the ones I went to. I am just about done with making cards this year but I do have a few decorations to put together.
The snow is pretty but I am happy that we rarely see any here. Even my sisiter down on the south coast had a little flurry this week.
The doggie tales always make me smile.
have a good week. Kate x

Annie said...

I had to chuckle at the blown down fences...Theo loves to make domino runs and makes them all fall over....he’d have loved that. Your dog funnies made me smile too.
Annie x

Lisca said...

O=h dear, how are they going to re-erect those fences when they are all attached. Not a good system really. (I confess it would have been fun seeing them fall like dominoes).
It's great you can have friends over to make cards in your dining room. Yes, they do look well behaved. Even the ladies at the craft club look well behaved. What are you doing amongst them? ( only joking, lol)
I chuckled at the dog funnies, so true though.
Have a lovely weekend (hopefully without snow),
Keep smiling,

Crafting With Jack said...

I like reading the other comments, so when I saw what Julia had put I had to go and see for myself! Nope! Couldn’t make out the word either 🤣. You are so lucky, one, in having craft friends coming round and two, in having a craft club. There is a church one in the village, but it’s just sewing and knitting. That must have been an amazing sight to see all the panels go down, noisy too. It’s very windy here today, the bird feeder pole is swinging away! We got the Christmas stuff out yesterday, finishing it off today. I hope then I can get back in my craft room where I am making not one, but two Christmas books. hugs Angela

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Sorry this is a generic message, but it's all I could pull together. Late Thursday as I headed to the basement, I caught my sleeve on the railing and lost my balance. I fell down 13 of the 14 steps to the basement floor. I laid there for what seemed like hours, but in reality was probably little more than 20-30 minutes. When I was able to get up, I realized I had hurt my back enough that all I could do was lie on it. I have trouble sitting or standing. I hope you understand. If I normally visit you every day, I hope/plan to feel better by Monday. Thanks for your support and understanding. PLEASE, NO SYMPATHY. It was my own stupidity.

Crafty Claire said...

I wouldn't have minded being there to see the fence go down like dominoes! Hope you have a fun week ahead xx

Mac Mable said...

I enjoyed reading your post Angela x. Loved the idea of a pop up bar! Wow to that wind and the fence all blowing down. So glad your class went well and looking forward to maybe seeing some of their creative decorative bags x. Very cold and windy up our way, like most of us this week so stayed in and decorated the house and enjoyed it! A change from cleaning and chewing the dust x. Thanks for the smiles at the end Angela x.

Win Dinn, Artist said...

A pop-up bar goes up, and the fence goes down. You teach card and bag-making, get a snowfall and a flood fence (for level 1 - really???) and wind up with dog cartoons. You're just such a treat with your posts, Ang!

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