Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The Adventures of BP Mini Me.

Hi to you all, BP here, welcome to all my followers.

I'm back at last!
I have been on my shelf for ages, bet you thought I'd disappeared, well... she has been so busy making Christmas cards that I have been unable to get down as she would have seen me but I am here now and need to have a good look round, you never know what they've been up to Lol!

This is my usual place.
And as you can see, I've escaped Lol!
The hand is waving, just hope he doesn't attract any attention with his bell.

And here I am on her desk.
I am a naughty robot Lol!
What fun!
Off to have even more fun, see you soon.
Your friend,
BP Mini Me XXX


  1. Mini Me you look far too close to that sticky tape, hope you're not planning anything too mischievous with it:) hugs Carole Z xx

    1. Hi Carole, why do people not trust me Lol!
      Still it does look as though I could have some fun with it.
      Your dear friend BP Mini Me x

  2. I have really missed you BP Mini Me, it is good to see you doing walkabout again! It looks like you have come down to wrap some gifts.... Hugs, Anne xx

    1. Hi Anne, my dear friend!
      No one has noticed me yet so fun is on the way.
      Not sure I can manage the sticky tape though but bet I could have fun with it.
      Bye for now your dear friend BP Mini Me.


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