Friday, 26 December 2014

The Adventures of BP Mini Me.

Welcome to all my followers.
BP Mini Me here again Lol! I am really spoiling you.

Hello Maisie how are you, long time no see.
What are you doing here anyway?
You should be in there with the others enjoying the festivity.

You are joking BP, how is a dog to get any peace round here Lol!
Anyway, where have you been, not seen you for ages.
Come here and let me give you a Christmas doggy kiss.

OOOOHaaa Maisie, I didn't know you cared!
Yes well.... don't go telling anyone or they'll all want one Lol!

Anyway you'd better move yourself, I can hear someone coming.
See you later,
BP Mini Me x


  1. Merry Christmas BP Mini Me!! And to Maisie and the rest of the family too! Hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday. Christmas hugs, Anne xx

  2. What a sweet dog!! Sits well for photos too!! heehee

  3. LOL! I want one! I want one, Maisie!

    Great to see you are having relaxed and peaceful Christmas holidays, BP! Say a belated "Merry Christmas" to Angela for me, will you?

    Claudia xxx

  4. Hi BP - hope you and the folks have had a great Christmas. A big woofy hug from me. Chris # 10

  5. Hi Angela! I hope you had a wonderful holiday! Your little guy is just so precious, give him a big hug for me! It's great to be back, see you again soon, big new year hugs :)


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