Wednesday, 17 June 2015

WOYWW 315 # What's On You Workdesk Wednesday.

Welcome to all my new followers, hope you enjoy the journey.

Hi Workdesk friends.
Here we are for another Wednesday at the Workdesk.
I am here again to show you:

"What's on my Workdesk this Wednesday".

If you don't know what this is all about then please visit the

Stamping Ground, our host Julia will explain what it's all about.

And this is what's on my desk today...

Sorry no labelling today, just been a bit busy though you may be able to see that from the desk.
If there is anything you want to know about just ask.
I will visit as many as I can, asap but I am out today again!!!! at another Powertex workshop and will post photos tomorrow.
So pretty quick today and hope you all have a great week and a happy crafty WOYWW,
Angela xXx


  1. You could almost play guess what's in my drawers lol 4 row from left and 3rd one down is .... I don't know can't see it with the glare
    your desk is ever busy and looks fab hugs NIkki no # yet

  2. What a busy desk, Angela! I've no doubt we'll see some results soon! Happy WOYWW and sorry not to be joining in this week. I am still feeling really rough.


  3. Hi Angela, happy WOYWW. Seems to be the time of year to be away from our desks, which I have been, but it is great to get back and make some cards. Have a fabulous week Cheers RobynO#16

  4. Very organised. Maybe I will see you at Newark?
    Hugs, Neet 13 xx

  5. Busy busy busy but so organised and a small 6" square to work in! Hope you get everything to do done, Happy WOYWW Cindy #36

  6. Some weeks are just crazy and that's ok. Have a great week.
    sandra de @37

  7. Wow, Angela, part of your desk is rather tidy and part looks like a tornado blew through. I hope you enjoy your latest Powertex workshop. Will it be another lady, or something new this time? Happy WOYWW from # 5.

  8. I see a preponderance of purple and blue things on your desk. You must be up to purple an blue things. You certainly have lots there! Judy #55

  9. I have to admit that I'm impressed by all the blue and green containers at the back of your desk. Looks great! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #45

  10. It looks like you've had a very creative week, based on the looks of your desk. Blessings, my friend!

  11. I sure like the looks of those red tray compartment thingies. They would fit right in with my ladeeda decor. lol Thanks for stopping by.

  12. Love seeing your busy/messy desk. Looking forward to see what you create at this latest Powertex workshop. Thank you so much for stopping by earlier. Diane #41

  13. it's such a pain when life gets int he way of our crfaty time!! enjoy the powertex workshop, would like to hear about that, I'll try and remember to come back tomorrow, lol! Helen 2

  14. Sometimes life just gets in the way doesn't it? :-) Hope you find time to be creative soon.
    Thanks for calling round at mine yesterday
    Annie x # 9

  15. Nothing wrong with being busy, hope you enjoy your workshop!
    Happy woyww :)
    Kristiina #19

  16. Sorry for commenting so late but like you, I've been busy.
    I wanted to see the Powertex thing and I have just read your blog about it. Absolutely beautiful! I love it!
    Thanks for visiting earlier,
    Have a great week,

  17. Yes, I was waiting for your Powertex project too. It's terrific! I love all the fabric textures and the colours are super!
    Have a good week.


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