The Mad Scientist

The title of this page came about because a dear friend referred to me as The Mad Scientist (Deb~Paxton Valley Folkart)due to my technique testing. This is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me, sure she will be pleased if you pop over to see what she is up to.
So as not to let her down more tests will follow. If you would like to see what I have done so far please click on the links below.

Fabric Tests

Mixed Media Tests

Angelina fibres

Playing with Tyvek

Journal & Sticky Stuff 1.

Journal & Sticky Stuff 2.

Journal & Sticky Stuff 3.

Bleeding Tissue Paper

Acrylic Pours 1.

Bokeh 1.

Bokeh 2.

Bokeh 3.

Bokeh 4.

Faux Bleaching

Leaf stamping

Distressing Paper

Brusho and Pixie Powders

Press and Seal 1.

Press and Seal 2. (Floating Die Cut)

Press and Seal 3.

Press and Seal 4.

Press and Seal 5.

Bubble Technique

Altered Stuff

1. Masterboards

2. 3D

3. Stencils

4. Faux Leather

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